Banks, Brokerage Firms, Trust Companies, Regulatory Agencies, Insurance Companies

Unique Asset Valuation. It takes specialized expertise to value “unique assets” such as real estate, closely-held businesses, life insurance, loans and notes, mineral oil and gas interests, artwork and other tangible assets. Our “Calculated Value” reports are ideal for valuing large portfolios quickly, accurately and cost-effectively on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis. Our data protection infrastructure is the strongest in the industry. To learn more contact CEO Dennis Richter at (240) 553.1100 x 109 or

Unique Asset Administration. It takes specialized expertise to administer unique assets. One inadvertent slip-up can create multi-million dollar problems. spardata’s consulting subsidiary Unique Asset Partners offers 28 services to help institutions administer their clients’ unique assets – or even have third parties administer them. To learn more please contact UAP’s Managing Partner Dennis Richter today at (410) 844.0743.


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