Unique Asset Partners LLC (UAP) is a “one-stop shop” providing everything professional trustees and owners need to manage unique assets successfully. (Unique assets include real estate, closely-held businesses, mineral interests, life insurance, farms and ranches, hedge funds, private equity, collectibles and other non-traditional investments.)

  • UAP Outsourcing offers the services owners need if they can’t manage the assets themselves.
  • UAP Consulting helps professional trustees upgrade their unique asset administration practices.

UAP Outsourcing

Every unique asset is, well, unique. Each has its own story. Generally speaking their creators need nobody’s help managing them. But there always comes a time when even the most energetic owners no longer can (or want to) manage their unique assets. They may die, get Alzheimer’s or simply get tired of having to work so hard. UAP Outsourcing stands ready to connect fiduciaries with vendors qualified to administer:

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UAP Consulting

Professional trustees often agree to hold unique assets because their clients asked them to, not because they wanted to. Administering unique assets takes specialized skills they lack, so they provide few services their clients find valuable and charge too little to compensate for the risks they assumed. UAP Consulting helps trustees become better unique asset administrators, resulting in reduced risk and higher profits. Our most popular consulting services include

For more information about UAP Consulting services please contact UAP’s Managing Partner Dennis Richter today at (410) 844.0743.; or complete the form below.

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